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Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. belongs to the oldest dairy companies in the Czech Republic. An offer of Alfa-Laval president was accepted on 21st April 1901 to build a dairy factory at Brňany in Bohusovice nad Ohří with a capacity to process 5000 litres of milk daily. It was established on special purpose by a dairy cooperative „Rolnické mlékařské družstvo Bohušovice-Brňany”.

After the First World War many dairy processing plants were set up by German investors so that the Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. became the only Czech company in the North Bohemia region. During the First World War the milk deliveries decreased to 200 litres per a day. With ongoing consolidation of agriculture the deliveries of milk reached up to 14 740 litres a day in 1938. In 1939 there were 330 suppliers of milk. After the Sudetenland being taken over by the Nazi Germany 4.700 suppliers were ordered to supply the dairy.

Due to the contract with the Ministry of Agriculture Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. became the first model of dairy factory in Czechoslovakia which was established under the government supervision. It was obliged to rationalize production, recycle waste products, do practical and laboratory tests, hire two scholars every year and make the practical training for trainees.

On 1st January 1951 the dairy was nationalized by regulation of the Ministry of Food Industry and renamed Severočeské mlékárny n.p., Bohušovice n. Ohří. Hereby the age of cooperative management was terminated and central planning took over the control. During the following 40 years the factory was slowly modernized. It is important to mention that Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. was the first company which introduced packing milk into plastic bags that were filled in the Swiss machine Bertpack. In 1989 a new line was installed for the production of long-life milk into the package Tetra Pak.

The independent state company Bohušovická mlékárna was founded on 1st January 1991 after change of political situation. First steps of this company were not easy and big turning point came in the form of the privatization. Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. was privatized within the second wave of coupon privatization and formed into a public company. The majority shareholder of about 55% shares was an Austrian company Wien-Milch. Historical period was not easy, actually the company had hard time to survive. On 29th January 1997 a Czech company ACCOM purchased the majority shares from Wien-Milch.

ACCOM established the position of a milk company on the market and Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. became a profitable company. In 1998/early1999 important investments into the production facilities were made and thus it got on the list of approved Czech exporters into the EU under the registration number CZ 219 in 29th January 2000. At the same time, new machine Bosch started producing coffee cream. In 2001 the construction of a new modern central warehouse was finished and it was joined with the production facilities by an automatic transport system. In 2011 modern building of the refrigerated warehouse was build and joined to the current facilities.

Thanks to the additional investments in 2005 and 2011 Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. became one of the best equipped dairy production facilities in the Czech republic and successfully imports own products into the EU market. In the Czech and Slovakia market Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. is mainly known for coffee cream and curd cream Bobik. For more interest we can mention that Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s.. became the general partner of a Czech fairytale Peklo s princeznou in 2009 and nowadays it supports many children`s activities.

Contacts and Management

Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s.

Head site:
Na Pláni 1997/41
150 00
Praha 5
Production site:
Brňany 125
411 56
Bohušovice nad Ohří
VAT Number: 48291960
VAT Number: CZ48291960
Phone: +420 416 781 145
Email: info@bohusovickamlekarna.cz
Web: http://www.accom.cz
Data box: g9sc7i4
The company is registered at the commercial register at municipal Court in Prague, section B, file 11114.

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